A Lesson on Hash Concentrates

A Lesson on Hash Concentrates-4668

What is “Hash”?

Hash or hashish, is a common word for a cannabis concentrate. Hash comes in many forms depending on the technique used to make and package the product.

What Does Hash Look Like?

Cold Water Bubble Hash comes in a variety of colors and textures. Hash can be very solid, dry, putty-like, paste-like, or have a buttery or caviar-like texture. Colors can range from dark and light brown, to black, green, yellow and red.

What is “Bubble Hash?”

Bubble Hash, is a common form of “hash” or cannabis concentrate, also known as Cold Water Bubble Hash. This type of hash is composed of water purified preparations of trichomes (also known as resin) that are collected from the buds or trim of the female cannabis plant(1).If you ever purchase Bubble Hash from another source other than Metropolitan Wellness Center, you should confirm what you are purchasing is a Cold Water Bubble Hash and that there were no other techniques or solvents used in the production of the product. Unfortunately there is no standard meaning for the term “Bubble Hash” thus other sources may use this term when referring to other forms of hash.

What is the significance of the word “Bubble”?

Cold Water Bubble Hash is often referred to as “Bubble Hash” for two reasons: 1.) while medicating, Bubble Hash should actually “bubble” when you put a flame or heating device to it. However, just because your hash or cannabis concentrate bubbles, does not mean it is Cold Water Bubble Hash, 2.) the technique used to extract trichomes involves the use of “bubble bags”, which are specially made bags that help sift through the plant matter and collect only purified trichomes.

How and When Should You Consume Bubble Hash?

Cold Water Bubble Hash or any other type of cannabis concentrate can be consumed via a pipe, hookah, bong, bubbler, vaporizer, hot nail (specifically used for cannabis concentrates), rolled into a joint when mixed with cannabis buds, or can be used to cook with when preparing edibles. All concentrates should be used with caution and moderation, as the product is concentrated and considered much more potent than dries cannabis.

How Do I Know I am Buying “Good Quality” Hash?

A quick and easy way to test the general quality of your Cold Water Bubble Hash is to see how well the product bubbles when you put a flame or heating device to it. While plant matter usually, purified trichomes (concentrates) will bubble and melt. The more the product bubbles, the higher the quality of your Cold Water Bubble Hash. The highest quality will seem to bubble so fast that it melts! When this happens the product is typically called a “Full Melt” (although this term is used loosely and can refer to many types of cannabis concentrates).

This bubble/melt test can be applied to any hash or cannabis concentrate. Be wary of hash or cannabis concentrates that make snapping or popping noises and seem to emit sparks when a flame or heating element is put it. These can be a sign that not all of the solvent used to produce the cannabis concentrate was extracted during production.

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