Bon AppeTHC News Coverage & Recap


A few days before the event started, WUSA Channel 9 ran a great feature on Bon AppeTHC. They were intrigued by our effort to share info about cooking with cannabis, and to help people connect with doctors who can evaluate their need for medical cannabis.



At Bon AppeTHC, MWC & District Growers hosted a cannabis cooking expo. District growers shared some great recipes including infused eggnog, candied sweet potatoes, gingerbread cookies, and mumbo sauce. They also explained the process for making activated butter and tinctures.

If people didn’t have a medical cannabis card, we worked to connect them with doctors who could evaluate their need for medical cannabis.


Thanks to everyone who came out to Bon AppeTHC yesterday, and to @districtgrowers for sharing their extensive #edibles knowledge. See you at the next MWC event!

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