Letter From Our Founder

Letter From Our Founder-4673


It is with sincere pleasure that I write this post today from the new Metropolitan Wellness Center website. This year will mark the formal launching of Washington D.C.’s medical cannabis program, specifically the registration of District patients and the opening of the first cannabis dispensaries and cultivation centers.

As we wrap up the implementation of the Metropolitan Wellness Center dispensary over the next few weeks, we recognize that our past 28 months are merely the tail end of something that began its purpose in 1998. Our team is honored to play an important role and demonstrate exactly how this program can be executed with integrity and compassion, and within the parameters of the laws that govern us.

Our mission is set: We aim to provide a certified safe system for registered patients and caregivers to access high quality organic cannabis in Washington D.C.

But it does go beyond that. We recognize that many community members do not fully understand the purpose of the program. Consequently, we take on the responsibility of contributing to the continued education of patients, physicians, and the general community on the medical benefits of cannabis.

A good quality of life is something that many of us take for granted. But for many others, their quality of life is compromised by chronic and/or terminal illnesses and the treatments they endure. There is continued debate over the scientific benefits of cannabis, but shake hands with a patient who is in chemotherapy treatment, or taking a cocktail of prescription drugs for HIV/AIDS, who is also using cannabis, and you will hear first hand that the benefits are real.

D.C.’s medical cannabis program is one of the strictest in the country and has become a benchmark for states pursuing similar programs. MWC will uphold the principles on which the program was founded and it is our goal to exceed the expectations of patients, businesses, and the surrounding community.

We look forward to establishing ourselves in the Capitol Hill community on Barrack’s Row. Thank you to everyone who has played a role directly or indirectly in getting us to where we are today, both locally and nationally. Now, it is our turn to pay it forward.

Mike Cuthriell
Founder, Metropolitan Wellness Center

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