The Science of Extracts Recap

The Science of Extracts Recap-5136

Last Saturday, MWC hosted leading cannabis scientist Mark Lewis from Abatin cultivation. Mark gave an extremely entertaining and educational talk that broke down the science behind cannabis extracts. It started with an introduction about the chemicals in cannabis; notably THC, CBD, and all the different terpenes. Mark explained how you can determine the effects a strain will produce based upon the various terpenes in that strain.

After outlining the chemicals in cannabis and their effects on the body, Mark reviewed the different methods that cultivators use to extract the chemicals from cannabis. Everything from bubble hash to full plant CO2 extraction was covered. Finally, Mark talked about formulating various extractions to create ideal cannabis products.

If people were looking to get a medical cannabis card, we scheduled appointments with doctors who can help.

Thanks to everyone for coming and be sure to look out for our upcoming events!

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