Mike Cuthriell

President & Founder

Michael Cuthriell founded Metropolitan Wellness Center in 2011 and serves as President. Mike remains focused on the business development and overall strategic direction of the dispensary, with the goal of cultivating a team and a boutique environment that delivers a high-end customer experience in a meaningful way. With a firm belief in the medicinal benefits that cannabis has to offer, MWC serves as a vehicle to promote and educate cannabis as a therapy for a variety of conditions.

Like many, Mike’s interest in the cannabis field stems from the experience of seeing close family and friends battle terminal illness and the deteriorating quality of life that accompanies that battle.

Washington D.C. represents a symbolic location for medical cannabis initiatives to help drive the conversation nationwide. Metropolitan Wellness Center is his first effort to contribute to that progress and aims to be a leading institution in the nation’s capital.

Mike graduated from George Mason University with a BS in Marketing, and formerly worked for startups in education technology.

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